When it comes to supply chain management, we act as “One Cadence” by guiding our customers from proof of concept through product launch.  This improves product performance and economics.  It also enables our customers to:

  • Focus on core capabilities
  • Consolidate supplier base
  • Reduce the time to market
  • Leverage external expertise
  • Reduce their total cost

We have been on your side of the table as we actually worked for OEMs, so we know the importance of having only one hand to hold.

We reduce complexities of the supply chain and streamline the overall process by taking more responsibility and leveraging the economies of scale. Our partnering approach enables our project teams to more efficiently execute by interfacing across the following stages of a new product launch:

Make vs. Buy - We have four manufacturing facilities for vertically integrated manufacturing.  However, we continuously review internal manufacturing vs. using external sources for both technology and cost,  This enables us to remain very cost competitive and on top of the technology curve.  It also allows us to make what makes sense for us to make and buy what makes sense for us to buy...

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