The purpose of Phase 3 - Product Design & Process Development is to fully develop the design & manufacturing processes identified in the concept phases.  Detailed engineering drawings are produced and all applicable analysis tools (FEA, Mold Flow, DFM, Tolerance Analysis) are applied to the design.  Also in this phase, the risk analysis is applied to both the product and the process.  At the end of this phase, the design requirements have been translated into a detailed specification.


  • Develop Product Specification (PS)

  • Fully detail design

  • Fabricate working prototypes for pre-verification testing

  • Apply applicable design tools to design:

    • FEA - Finite element analysis

    • Mold Flow - Design for injection molded components

    • DFM - Design for manufacturability

    • Tolerance Analysis

  • Perform Risk Analysis (DFMEA, PFMEA)

  • Conduct design reviews as required

  • Develop draft manufacturing documents

  • Phase review


  • Product Specification (PS)

  • CAD database of assemblies and components

  • Component specifications and material selections

  • Detailed bill of materials and product cost estimate

  • Preliminary manufacturing plan

  • Tooling and equipment requirements

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