Meet Our Management Team

One of the biggest differentiators of our business is our team.  Our core team consists of seasoned experts that have spent part of their careers actually working for medical device OEMs.  This means that our team “gets it” when it comes to fully understanding medical device contract manufacturing.

  • Alan Connor – President & CEO
  • Jeff Kelly – VP and General Manager
  • Chip Harvill – Vice President
  • Jim Gimbel – Director of Program Management
  • Robert Hegedus – Senior Quality Assurance Manager
  • Ryan Aleshevich – Medical Sales Manager
  • John Milford – Medical Sales Manager
  • Hector Gonzalez – Medical Sales Manager
  • John Shields – Medical Sales Manager

Alan Connor

President and CEO

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA so I am obligated to insert a “Go, Steelers!” here.  Actually, I remain a Pittsburgh sports fan even though I moved south to Virginia in 2009.  My wife was my high-school sweetheart (still is!) and we have two daughters.  My education includes a degree in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

My early career experience included manufacturing, quality and project engineering and supply chain consulting.  I also have almost 20 years of experience in a variety of management roles within large and medium-sized medical device companies, including supply chain management, manufacturing, marketing and new product development.  I joined Cadence as President in 2011 to help continue the growth of the organization while maintaining its unique entrepreneurial culture.

Professionally, I am passionate about building great organizations and developing a culture of continuous improvement.  I was fortunate to spend ten years of my career with an organization which received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award where I learned how to build a sustainable, long-term culture of excellence.  Among other consulting and volunteer experiences, I was a volunteer for the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative, working with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to apply lean manufacturing principles to improve the quality and efficiency of the delivery of healthcare services. I currently serve as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Virginia Biotechnology Association (VABIO) and as an advisor to several start-up medical device companies.

The majority of my spare time is spent with my family. I enjoy observing my youngest daughter’s activities; although, I miss chauffeuring her around these days since she recently began driving. I am also missing my oldest daughter who is now off at college.

 Something that not many people know about me…

  • I am also a pilot – a lifelong dream I fulfilled in 2009 and continue to pursue.
  • When forced to fly commercial and during other spare time, I enjoy reading, particularly spy fiction, autobiographies and military history.

Jeff Kelly

VP and General Manager

I am originally from Denver, but have lived in several places during my lifetime.  I studied finance and management at the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and I received my MBA from the Fuqua School at Duke University in North Carolina. I have also lived in Washington DC and spent three years in the Netherlands for an ex-pat assignment, but Pittsburgh has been home to me and my family for the past fifteen years.

I was very fortunate to meet my wife during our first college class (Economics 101), and we are blessed with a two great kids, a daughter and a son.

My career began in management consulting that included advising companies on how to adopt new technologies and channels to market, as well as conducting economic analysis for companies in a variety of industries.  In 2003, I made the transition from management consulting to healthcare with MEDRAD, a medical device company based in Pittsburgh. Over the past fifteen years, the focus of my career has been to help healthcare organizations grow. I have held global roles in business development, marketing, sales management and product development with MEDRAD, Bayer Healthcare, Quest Diagnostics and Immunetrics.  During this time, I have managed the launch of several medical device and diagnostic products in the U.S. and international markets. I joined Cadence in 2015 and continue to enjoy working in healthcare, knowing that the work that we do, and the devices that we manufacture, have a very profound impact on people’s lives.

Some things that not many people know about me…

  • I was born in Heidelberg, Germany (my father was in the military).
  • My time living in Europe gave me the travel bug, so I love to explore new countries and cities.
  • I enjoy watching football and college basketball when I am not playing sports (basketball and golf), or coaching or watching my kids (basketball, baseball and volleyball).

Chip Harvill

Vice President

I was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  I have been happily married for many years, have two grown sons, and two spoiled dogs. I graduated with honors from Virginia Tech in 1983 with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and received management certification from the Darden School of Business in Charlottesville.

I have significant experience in the Life Science market (focused on medical device and diagnostics), beginning work in 1986 as one of the first employees for a start-up company known as Specialty Blades. 

Following successful efforts in many evolving roles within a new and growing company (Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Management, and Sales and Marketing Management), I led the launch of a new division in 2005.  IncisionTech was focused on serving the growing medical device market in new and unique ways.  As the VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, I was responsible for leading our company into many new areas of the medical device market.

In early 2011, Cadence Science, IncisionTech and Specialty Blades were combined to create a truly unique partner for the healthcare and life science markets…  This company now goes to market as Cadence, Inc. providing sketch-to-scale solutions for medical device and diagnostics companies.

Something that not many people know about me…

  • I have a passion for college football, especially when it relates to Saturdays in Blacksburg, VA watching the Hokies play.

Jim Gimbel

Director of Program Management

I was born in Kokomo, IN, but I have lived in the Pittsburgh area for most of my life.  My parents were originally from Pittsburgh, moved to Indiana for several years and then moved back to Pittsburgh. That is a pretty common thing for people from the area… You grow up in Pittsburgh, move away for a few years, and then move back to Pittsburgh to raise your family. My wife and I did something very similar. She is from the Pittsburgh area as well. We met while attending Penn State and were friends in college. We both got jobs at General Motors in Detroit and started dating when we lived in Michigan. We decided to move back to Pittsburgh, got married, and we now have a daughter and son who are entering their teenage years.

I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Penn State and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  I have worked in a variety of industries including automotive, electronics and IT; however, most of my career has been in the medical device industry. I had the opportunity to work for 15 years at a growing medical device company and was able to have various roles in engineering and management in both product development and manufacturing. That experience provided me with a great understanding and appreciation of all the different aspects of the medical device industry, and I was excited to the join Cadence in May of 2016.

My favorite hobbies are golf and basketball. However, right now, I spend most of my time either coaching or attending my kid’s sports activities. My daughter plays basketball and lacrosse and my son plays baseball, basketball and football. I am also teaching them how to golf, so that we can all do that together. The only downside is that golf is really expensive!

Something that not many people know about me…

  • I have 3 brothers and a sister and we all have engineering degrees. My wife is an engineer and her dad is an engineer. So, I think there is a pretty good chance our kids will be engineers.
  • I like to watch movies and Seinfeld re-runs…. My wife gets mad that I can’t remember simple things she asks me to do around the house, but I can accurately quote lines from every Seinfeld episode.

Robert Hegedus

Senior Quality Assurance Manager

Born and Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! My family migrated from Hungary in the late 1800s and worked in the local steel mills until the industry moved out of the area in the late 1980s. I am married to my wife (Jade) of 7 years and I have 2 amazing boys (Reign – age 1 & Roman – age 5)!

I have a B.S. in Business Management and Organizational Leadership from Point Park University in Pittsburgh. I have spent the last 18 years in the medical device industry in various quality roles from engineering to management. I have predominantly worked for OEMs such as Medrad, Bayer Healthcare, and Terumo Medical Corporation. I joined Cadence in October of 2018 when my family decided it was time to migrate back to Pittsburgh from the Greater Philadelphia area.

My hobbies currently include watching cartoons (because my kids won’t let me get TV time), reading bedtime stories, honey do-lists, and changing diapers! Outside of that, I enjoy fitness/CrossFit, playing guitar, boating and water sports, rock climbing, skateboarding, snowboarding and pretty much anything that gets my blood pumping and gets me out of the house.

Some things that not many people know about me…

  • My sons both share the same birthday (January 26) exactly 4 years apart! Not planned!

Ryan Aleshevich

Medical Sales Manager

I was born in Livingston, NJ (just outside NYC), attended elementary school in Pittsfield, MA, and later moved to Waynesboro, VA.  I attended college at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, VA where I received a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics.  I also played baseball while at Bridgewater and today I live in Fishersville, VA in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

I started work at a small manufacturing company called Specialty Blades (now Cadence) where I ran production, programmed CNC equipment, performed incoming inspection, scheduled the plant and did just about every job imaginable in the early days.  At the time, the company had only about 15 employees and I had the opportunity to learn most roles within the company.  I spent the next 18 years in various manufacturing and operations roles, including Production Manager and Materials Manager. 

I transferred to Sales and Business Development in 2010 and never looked back.  We are a contract manufacturing company, so the medical device and life science products we sell are all custom.  This requires a solid technical understanding of our capabilities, and I could not have better training than my first 18 years on the job.  I now spend a lot of my time with customers on the West Coast and enjoy travelling and building relationships.

Some things that not many people know about me…

  • I met my wife at work while she was the Customer Service/Sales Manager and I was the Production Manager – yes, we talked about work WAY too much, but luckily our two teenage girls now rule our life.
  • I am a panelist for Golf Digest and rate golf courses – I am a former club champion and love to play golf.
  • I enjoy most sports and spent time watching the NFL, college football, college basketball and golf.
  • I enjoy travelling and planning vacations with my family.

John Milford

Medical Sales Manager

I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia and have been blessed with living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia my entire life.  I attended the University of Virginia and received my B.A., then went back to get my MBA from the Darden School of Business at UVA.  Upon graduation, I embarked on a career in Sales Management, primarily in Business-to-Business and International Sales.  I also have experience with government contracting for the military.

I joined Cadence at a time when we were actively growing our medical business.  This growth has been exciting and has provided new challenges for the company.  I am very pleased that Cadence can now offer complete contract manufacturing services to our customers and our customers can receive support from our numerous facilities and resources.  Having a wide array of capabilities makes it possible to offer the best solutions to our customers.

In my role at Cadence, I am always looking for new opportunities to work together with our largest OEM customers.  I love to take new ideas through the prototyping phase, into process development, and through qualification and launch.  At Cadence, we strive to expedite the entire process of taking customers’ ideas and transforming them into a finished product.  And not just any product, but a medical device that might be used to save the life of a family member.  All of us at Cadence take this responsibility seriously.           

Some things that not many people know about me…

  • My parents came to the US from Nova Scotia, Canada, and I still have relatives there today
  • I had fun playing music in a rock band in high school and throughout my twenties
  • Now an empty nester, I love getting together with my 8 kids and 4 grandkids

Hector Gonzalez

Medical Sales Manager

I was born and bred in Queens, NY. Attended Saint Benedict Joseph Labre Elementary School, Holy Cross High School, and Queens College all of which resided in the beautiful borough of Queens. Out of college, I pursued a career in real estate investment and appraisals. I lived in New York City for most of my life but now I reside in a small coastal town in Rhode Island.

My career has always been around providing solutions to customers and working on mitigating problems. I’ve had the privilege to work with experienced professionals who mentored me throughout my career. One of the greatest attributes that they all had in common was that they listened and asked that I listen to the customer/client, so that I can be an advocate for the customer and their needs. That’s half the battle, and the other is being part of an organization that is going to respond and execute to meet the customer’s requirements, and Cadence takes that responsibility seriously.

I’ve been in the medical device contract manufacturing industry since 2005. In 2008, I became part of the Cadence family and have been part of their success story. I’m currently responsible for the Northeast and upper Midwest regions, and I’m also the main point of contact for some of our larger OEM relationships. It’s a pleasure spending time with our customers and assisting them in finding solutions for the life changing components & devices that they are designing and building.

Some things that not many people know about me…

  • I met my wife in 3rd grade at SBJL. However, we weren't married until 2007. It took years for me to finally convince her!
  • I have 3 kids (a girl and two boys) that make life that much better.
  • I’m a nut for international soccer and EA Sports Fifa.
  • I recently discovered that the most relaxing therapy is to cut grass on a riding mower.

John Shields

Medical Sales Manager

The youngest of five, I spent most of my childhood in the Southern Tier of New York State. My father's career with Westinghouse brought us to different locations, including Bloomington, IN, and Greensburg, PA. 

I continued my family's tradition and became a Purple Eagle at Niagara University where I met my wife, Suzanne, of 29 years. We are blessed with two sons, Brian and Timothy. As they grew, I coached them in several sports including soccer, football, and lacrosse. We now enjoy golfing, hunting, and other outdoor activities as a family. 

Now empty nesters, my wife and I are avid runners who enjoy races that include Spartan, Tough Mudders, and half marathons. To relax, we enjoy taking long walks with our black Lab, Rudy, and spending time at our family lake house.

I began my career in medical device sales over 20 years ago. I am excited to further my career at Cadence and help the Company continue to grow. In my new role, I am responsible for the Southeastern region of the U.S. 

Some things that not many people know about me…

  • To overcome my fear of heights, I went skydiving from 15,000 feet. Obviously, I survived… but the jury is still out if I'm cured.
  • During college summers, I worked security for the Pittsburgh Steelers at their summer camp in Latrobe, PA. Who would have thought that Jack Lambert needed a 160 lbs security guard?! 
  • I enjoyed four years of playing collegiate rugby which even included an international tour.

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