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Cadence Device is a part of Cadence, Inc. 

Cadence employs 500 people with locations in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

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28 of the top 30 medical device OEMs trust us as their commercialization partner.

Our experience is from BOTH sides of the process, OEM customer AND Contract Manufacturer.

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Medical Device Contract Manufacturing - Cadence Device

Cadence Device is a single source contract manufacturing partner for medical device and diagnostics companies worldwide.  Cadence provides end-to-end product realization solutions focused on best-in-class total value.  

Everyone has experience… We have medical device OEM experience and have been on your side of the table as we actually worked for OEMs. 

Trusted partner to OEMs due to our experience in:

Simply stated, we provide clients with a qualified team, vertically integrated facilities and the “know how” to manufacture medical devices to the highest level of regulatory and specification compliance.

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Let our Product Realization Experts be your go-to source for device concept all the way through commercialization. Download our brochure today to find how our team of experts can help you.

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Latest News

Cadence Honored by VCTC

Cadence Honored by the Shenandoah Valley's Valley Career and Technical Center's Computer Integration Manufacturing program during the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge's annual reception.

Cadence Completes Expansion for PEEK Machining and Molding

Cadence Completes Major Expansion for New PEEK Machining and Molding Capabilities

Cadence Wins Leadership in MedTech Award for Contract Manufacturing

Cadence Wins Leadership in MedTech Award for Contract Manufacturing from Medical Design and Outsourcing magazine.

Cadence Expands Laser Processing Technologies

Cadence continues to expand its laser processing technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of new product development for our customers. Recently, Cadence purchased a new CL900 Cincinnati laser cutting machine and completed its installation.